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Dada's b'day in office, dada having cake

Dada's b'day in office, dada having cake, yeah thats not a grammatical error, dada's indulged in his cake practically

And obviously like stated in my previous post he was not wished by my wife probably because she knows I care about dada the most, an unforgivable thing.

Dada's b'day in office

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Important Day for Me Dada's B'day

Today is my big bro's birthday indeed an unforgettable and a pretty important day for me, for he cares not whether I remember this day or not for all he cares and knows is that he counts, for I may not wish him yet he would know I wished him with all I got, Dada I love you and you are all I got as a guide as a mentor, Exclude my sis ;-) Needless to say all my wishes are always for you with you, waiting for morning sut sut........
I just hope the lady you called your sis also does atleast call/sms and wish you for if she doesn't I wont be making it any easier and I am telling you upfront  

My expected felicitation

Today I got confirmed news from my company HR that I and my big bro are shortly to be felicitated as internal trainers of this highly prestigious organization, a thing worth pride and both of us did feel damn good to find this out, although the felicitation dates are yet to be confirmed, but somehow I got a false feeling that perhaps this news may act as an ice breaker and maybe once just for once she may react, but like the news of my certification was ice for her so was this..... Alas indeed I am the Lone stranger and only support I get is from my dada.....
Somehow I feel news of being felicitated in such a huge organization is indeed a thing of joy, and since this news is not yet published, whoever came to know it did feel happy for me and congratulated me, however I expected responses from her which didn't come, but yet again, maybe just maybe things do change ..........
For we sleep under the same roof but in different rooms.....
For things may change......

My day of Network Security Certification

The agony I lie in, people who i believe are damn close to me didn't even respond to the news of me getting certified.... Amazing the turmoils of my life.....

Dada who inspired me for this certification was damn happy, my dumbo sis who doesnt know abc of IT was happy like yay!!! This is what you needed but alas the lady love my wife didn't even talk or respond, maybe this ain't a good news at all......

What the heck... Tis life ... Jus the other bad turn I guess...
Luv u bro

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Through humor, you can soften some of the worst blows that life delivers. And once you find laughter, no matter how painful your situation might be, you can survive it


Mistakes are always forgivable, if one has the courage to admit them.
This is a known fact however we all know mostly people simply don't admit their mistakes and fight over it, even over the most stupendous mistakes, Everyone knows this but yet non adhere to it
I take immense please in thanking my elder bro Indrajit Chattopadhyay for making my life simpler by telling me simple things and guiding me a different way to look at life Dada, I am speechless as always to thank thee But, last not the least,  Love U Bro

Timeless Values

Timeless Values
Once we discover how to appreciate the timeless values in our daily experiences, 
we can enjoy the best things in life

NCSA’s Special Program For Users In India

NCSA’s Special Program For Users In India NCSA has started a special program for users in India to promote itself in the country!
For a limited time they are offering free online only certifications. To qualify for your free certification just complete the following steps:
1) If you have a facebook account like us Same goes for Twitter
2) Create a short post or blog entry letting others know about NCSA’s promotion to expand in India
3) Login at and take one of the free exams.
4) Once you have a passing score simply reply to their email with your tracking number and a link to your entry from number 2 and get your free certification

Rising Early

Rise early, that by habit it may become familiar, agreeable, healthy, and profitable. It may, for a while, be irksome to do this, but that will wear off; and the practice will produce a rich harvest forever thereafter; whether in public or private walks of life.

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Cracks in Concrete

The cracks in the concrete remind that no matter how strong you are, you will always fall apart at some point in your life.

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Eternal Quest

The eternal quest of the human being is to shatter his loneliness.

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Nothing but tears and a fake smile

Have you ever felt so alone and nothing makes sense? Well that's how I feel right now I feel like I'm facing everything by myself, with nothing but tears and a fake smile.

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