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After bachelors get married

After bachelors get married (Thinkstock photos/Getty Images)

Most bachelors get used to being bachelors will they get married. Once that happens, how do their lives change?

Singlehood is singlehood. A bit of indiscipline. Loads of fun. Then marriage happens. And, life changes. Chaos, oh- so lovable chaos, goes for a toss. Punctuality intrudes. Things change. And how.

Waste of money: Not allowed. Remember the time when you went pub-hopping, blowing thousands of rupees without thinking of going broke? And once you did, that is, went broke, the way you managed your life before the next pay packet came along?

Post marriage, such recklessness becomes a thing of the past in the first month. You spend, but carefully. You have enough in our bank on the last day of the month. You may not like the feeling of being so financially disciplined. But, how does it matter?

Flirting can hurt: Very few singles can claim to have led a flirting-free life. And even if they say they have, chances are they a…

Ab zikr Mera Un K Hawalon

Just for you Jaana

 Ab zikr Mera Un K Hawalon me Nhi tha,,,
 Shayd Mai Kahin Chahne walon me Nhi tha,,,,
 Lgta hy K Qismat me Andhery hi Likhe thy,,,
 Mai Raat Ka Jugnu tha Ujalon me Nhi tha,,,
 Q Puchte Phirty ho Mery Pyar Ka Qissa,,,
 Kirdaar me Shamil tha Misaalon me Nhi tha,,,
 Ghairon Ki trah Un K Rawiyey thy Mery sath,,,
 Mai Ab K Baras Un K Khyalon me Nhi tha,,,
 Ban than K Guzrti thi Wo zulfon Ko Sanwary,,,
 Is Baar Koi Phool to Baalon me Nhi tha,,,
 Mai Uski Isi Baat Py Hairan hua hon,,,
 Pehlay sa Maza Us K Sawalon me Nhi tha,
 Hairat sy Mery Dost Mjhe Dekh Rhe hain,
 Ye Zakham to Guzray hue Saalon me Nhi tha....

Rooh be-chain dil udas bohat hy 
Bujh gai hy shama-e-umed or aas bohat hy  .  Ye dard-e-judai ye hijr k lamhe 
Ye fikr ka mosam mjhe raas bohat hy 
Smandr k kinare betha hun magr phir B 
Sookhe hen mere hont or pyas boht hy 
Diye jb gham to kuch na socha usne 
Ujar gye hm to usy ab ehsas bohat hy.......

Is happily married an oxymoron?

Is happily married an oxymoron? (Thinkstock photos/Getty Images)

It's almost as if marriage is the great mousetrap!!! Those that are on the outside are dying to get in and those on the inside are dying to get out! Over many an evening with spirited friends in high spirits, I've had spirited discussions on the merits and woes of marriage.

Inevitably there's a lot of joke cracking like 'everyone should get married, after all, happiness isn't everything!'. Men jokingly say, "I'm not afraid of terrorism. I've been married a few years!"

For all the rising divorce rates, innumerable cases of adultery, and increasing reluctance amongst people to marry either because they grew up seeing their parents miserable and bored or observing the unhappy marriages of their friends and colleagues, the fact remains that marriage still remains an institution with hordes of people queuing up for membership. Never mind that a trip to the altar of faith may end up wi…