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The Science of Heaven

The Science of Heaven Dr. Eben Alexander

At around five o'clock on the morning of Nov. 10, 2008, I awoke with the early symptoms of what proved to be an extremely severe case of bacterial meningitis. As I wrote here three weeks ago, and as I narrate in my book Proof of Heaven, over the next several hours my entire cerebral cortex shut down. The part of my brain responsible for all higher neurological function went every bit as dark as the lower portion of New York City did during Hurricane Sandy.

Yet in spite of the complete absence of neural activity in all but the deepest, most primitive portions of my brain, my identity—my sense of self—did not go dark. Instead, I underwent the most staggering experience of my life, my consciousness traveling to another level, or dimension, or world.

Since telling my story here, I've been amazed and profoundly gratified at how powerfully it has resonated with people all over the world. But I've also weathered considerable critic…

One day a man decided to retire…

One day a man decided to retire…

He booked himself on a Caribbean cruise and proceeded to have the time of his life, that is, until the ship sank.

He soon found himself on an island with no other people, no supplies, nothing, only bananas and coconuts.

After about four months, he is lying on the beach one day when the most gorgeous woman he has ever seen rows up to the shore.

In disbelief, he asks,”Where did you come from?

How did you get here?”

She replies, “I rowed over from the other side of the island where I landed when my cruise ship sank.”

“Amazing,” he notes. “You were really lucky to have a row boat wash up with you.”

“Oh, this thing?” explains the woman.”I made the boat out of some raw material I found on the island. The oars were whittled from gum tree branches. I wove the bottom from palm tree branches, and the sides and stern came from a Eucalyptus tree. “But, where did you get the tools?”

“Oh, that was no problem, she replied. “On the south side of the island, a very un…

How to Tie a Tie

As we advance into the New year 2013, here's something I feel may be helpful to all of us.... How to Tie a Tie & Bow Knot The Ascot Knot

The Bow Tie  The Cross Knot
The Half Windsor
The Prince Albert
The Small Knot
The Windsor
The Four-in-Hand

8 Unusual and Creative Alarm Clocks

8 Unusual and Creative Alarm Clocks
Clocky Alarm Clock - Unusual alarm clock that jumps 3 feet from your night stand and runs away beeping to get you up. You can only snooze once. Shape Up Alarm Clock - This dumbbell-style alarm clock wants to start your day off right! Just set the alarm and in the morning it will buzz until you've done 30 reps. Smash Alarm Clock - The alarm is switched off by punching on the top of the alarm clock. Pull Handle Alarm Clock - To set the alarm you simply pull down the handle to the designated time remaining. The alarm will sound once the handle reaches the top and a simple tap on the LCD screen will shut it off. Directors Edition Alarm Clock - Unusual director's clapper-board shaped alarm clock. Set the alarm to anytime you want, and when it rings, use the clapper and clip the board to stop the alarm. Gun Operated Alarm Clock - Old NES light gun was modified with tilt switches to control a vintage digital clock radio. When the alarm wakes you up, grab…

Finally I have found "Kuchh Nai"

Finally I have found "Kuchh Nai"
Recently when I stopped at a  model wine shop in Badarpur (Delhi), the shopkeeper asked me "kya loge" and I bluntly replied "kuchh nai", to my amuse he turned around came back put a bottle of scotch and said 2700 rupees!!!, man thats way crazy....... but yes he did give me what I had asked for "Kuchh Nai" - Scotch Whisky Whenever you ask people visiting your home, "kya lenge?"
The usual reply has always been "Kuchh Nai". Finally I have found "Kuchh Nai", so feel free to serve your friends whenever they say "Kuchh Nai Lenge"