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7 nasty, bitchy, mean girls of office

7 nasty, bitchy, mean girls of office A recent study decodes the different kinds of female bullies in the workplace, and the capital's employees seem to have tackled them all

Bitchy women at work, who play emotional and tormenting games, are responsible for high levels of stress and sickness among their female colleagues, a new study has found.

Australian Meredith Fuller, a psychologist, says that women in the workforce often use schoolyard-style bullying and exclusion tactics to get their way at work and that these bullies could be classified into seven categories. When we spoke to MNC employees in Delhi and Gurgaon, they admitted to having come face-to-face with female colleagues who belonged to at least one of Fuller's categories. "Think about school, where you observed who's the 'in group', who's the 'out group', girls who would refuse to speak to other girls, taunts, giggling, raising eyebrows, body language," a website quoted Dr Fuller …

Boardroom blunders you must avoid

Boardroom blunders you must avoid (Thinkstock photos/Getty Images)

Boardroom blunders that one must avoid

Meetings are an important part of any corporate organisation. It is from these long hours of discussion that innovative business ideas and solutions come. While group ideation results in new ideas, certain meeting etiquettes, if avoided can add to the productivity. Here is a list:

Showing up late
Whether you have scheduled a meeting with a long time colleague-cum-friend or a department of 50 professionals, make sure you reach for a meeting on time. By reaching late, you not only tarnish your own professional image, but also disrespect other peoples' time. Harneet Singh, an architect by profession says, "One often reaches late for a meeting and expects the team to brief them on what she/ he has missed. This not only reflects badly on the professional's capability, but also breaks the meeting's agenda. Most of the time is thus wasted on talking about the same issue,…