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Fear, loneliness, sadness

This is a purely fictional story written with a reason however bears no resemblance to any person living or dead.

Fear, loneliness, sadness. They all dwell inside my body, swirling with the waves of hope. They all tear me down, break my soul and they never let me go back. Where am I? I look at the grey sky, but the tears roll down my eyes so I look towards the ground. My tear drops hit the soft soil, and get absorbed in; telling me that all my sadness, all my tears will get absorbed into the cold world like everybody else’s. Showing me that no one cares, the world is cruel, and humans are selfish. If someone is hurt then we say how we should be hurt worse. You’re not asking for pity, you’re not asking for it to go away, you’re simply asking for someone to listen and possibly help you feel better so you can help them when they are down. But it’s always the same. You help them, time after time again, but they never help you, instead they make you feel worse.

Please, if you don’t care, th…