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Learning English Alphabets - Differently - MP3

Alright here you have it, the best of English Alphabets in an all new freaking style,
Bindaas hai Boss sunna to banta hai...

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Is it worth having an extra-marital affair?

Extra-marital affairsare oh so common (Corbis Images)

Extra-marital affairs work for those who want that extra spice

Infidelity is perhaps as old as marriage. And, along with the growing tribe of cheating spouses, there are some partners who remain blissfully unaware of any damage to their marriage.

Interestingly, the Infidelity Facts website states that up to 41 per cent of spouses who cheat actually admit to their affair. "It's nothing new, but more in the open now," says Sarika Pilot Chaudhry.

Many, who are prone to experimenting, do it guilt-free as long as they're meeting "responsibilities" in the domestic space. Mrs and Mr Shah were the most perfect couple; they made the most brilliant hosts at parties and seemed inseparable. Later, the husband was seen romancing Nirali in another city. He reasoned, "I love my wife, but since we have been married for so long, I am a bit bored and need that excitement. Nirali is also married, so it's 'safe…

Weed - A dedication to Mohsin Wali aka Jim Charsi

India and weed are inseparable. Our relationship with the plant is long and deep. Quite a few of our holy-men have it, and quite a few of us have it in Holi! Now, the official position of the Indian government on marijuana is "illegal, but not enforced." But despite being illegal, the plant is doing just fine as our generation has taken to Cannabis Indica with a vengeance. We believe that it's time to de-criminalize weed. Here's why: 1. Marijuana grows naturally. Making something natural illegal is "borderline stupid." 
Here's where this is going, "Mangoes are tasty. But mangoes are fattening. They cause obesity. Let's make mangoes illegal."

2. Organized marijuana farming will be an economic -stroke.
It'll mean loads of jobs and loads of very baked and happy farmers.

3. Ever seen a violent stoner?
No? That's because there's no such thing. Weed drastically reduces aggressive behavior in its users.

4. Weed is less harmful than t…

Koi Deewana Kehta Hai - MP3

Koi Deewana Kehta Hai 
A very nice song with embedded deep thoughts.....Njoy Thanks Hon

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The Lyrics :

Koi deewana kehta hai,koi paagal samajhta hai
magar dharti ki bechaini ko bus pagal samajhta hai
mein tujhse door kaisa hoon, tu mujhse door kaisi hai
ye tera dil samajhta hai, yaa mera dil samajhta hai

Mauhabbat ek ehsasson ki pawan si kahaani hai
kabhi kabira deewana tha, kabhi meera diwani thi
yahaan sab log kehte hain meri aankhon mein aasoon hain
jo tu samjhe to moti hai, naa samjhe to paani hai

samandar peer ka andar hai lekin ro nahin sakta
ye aasoon pyaar ka moti hai isko kho nahin sakta
meri chahaht ko apna tu bana lena magar sun le
jo mera ho nahin paaya wo tera ho nahin sakta

Ki brahmar koi kumudni par machal baitha to hangama
hamaare dil mein koi khwab pal baitha to hungama
abhi tak doob kar sunte the sab kissa mauhabbat ka
mein kisse ko hakikat mein badal baitha to hungaama

Pink Floyd - "Comfortably Numb" HD1080p - MP3

Pink Floyd - "Comfortably Numb" HD1080p - MP3Just for you pal Haroo

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Nana Nani by Avadhoot Gupte -- MP3

A Very Beautiful song...something that I have always liked...

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The Lyrics:

Kal Ki Nahi Yeh Kayi Saal Puraani Hain Lyrics from Aana Dobara

 Kal ki nahi yeh kayi saal puraani hain
 Meri nahi yeh mere naani ki kahaani hain
 Naani ko dekhne jo gaye the naana
 Na na nasha na na nanana na na
 Naanaji ne pehna kurta jaalidar tha
 Sar pe bhi kolhapuri pheta sawaar tha
 Mashalla hotho ne tha mucho ko sambhala
 La la la hu la la ah la la la.........

 Jin pehar mein thi naani sharmaayi si
 Hotho ki laali jaise galo tak aayi si
 Aise mein saamane jo baithe mere naana
 Na na nasha na na nanana na na
 Naanaaji ko bola jo naanaaji ke naanaaji ne
 Na na ghabraana bete ladaki ke saamane
 Puchho puchhna jo kuchh khullam khulla
 La la la hu la la ah la la la....

 Ke jora khich pyala meri naani ne
 Kuchh bhi na socha uss pagali deewaani ne
 Nazron ka tir aise naanaaji ko maara
 Ra ra ra ri ram para ram para ri ra ra
 Raam hi bachaata mere bechaare naana ko
 Kuchh na bac…