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Types of employees in office

Employees classified

No two employees are the same — but then again, no two employees are all that different either. Here are a few commonly seen employees. Read on to know which category you fall into.

The believer
Every employer's dream — the believer — is dedicated, committed and loves his job. Such employees are utterly motivated and give their heart and soul to their work. Their innate element of loyalty to the company and the team binds him to the organisation. Believers have a way of getting jobs done effortlessly, inspiring their colleagues and giving their best to every task at hand. Bosses should not take them for granted, and instead, nurture and encourage them.

The soldier
Dedicated and committed, the soldier is the most bankable type of employee. Give him a task and consider it done. Soldiers show unstinting loyalty to their companies and often stick around at their jobs for years. While their stability is a benefit, they can be hard to manage during times of change. So…