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Election 2014: A two part series

Election 2014: A two part series
Surjit S Bhalla

Evaluating Sonia, the black box leader
Should Sonia Gandhi, ruler of the Congress party, be congratulated for finishing 15 years in Indian politics? It is not a sign of expertise if an heir becomes king. So why should it be different with her?

What does her political record look like? She formally assumed power in April 1998, but a year earlier (March 31, 1997 to be precise), the Congress party under her leadership (or the formal head Sitaram Kesri?) had withdrawn support to the United Front government. As the table shows, the Congress obtained the same seats as 1996, but 3 percentage points less votes than the P.V. Narasimha Rao 1996 election. The next year, after a full 18 months in power, Sonia's Congress obtained the lowest seats ever, 114, but kept its vote share equal to the 1996 level.

The same story continues for the next two elections. In 2009, the vote share remained just a notch below the 1996 level, even tho…

Humein Tumse Pyaar Kitna - MP3

Of of my all time favorites,
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Humein Tumse Pyar Kitna ( Jhankaar Beats - 2003 )

Humein Tumse Pyar Kitna ( Lyrics )
Movie : Jhankaar Beats
Music Director : Vishaal Sekhar
Singer(s) :Amit Kumar, Kay Kay
Lyricists :Vishal Dadlani

The Lyrics:

A: Tu Jo Hai To Sab Kuchh Hai Na Koi Kami Hai
Hamen Tumse Pyaar Kitnaa Ye Ham Nahin Jaante
Magar Jee Nahin Sakte
A, Cho: Tumhaare Binaa Aa Aa Aa

A: Hamen Tumse Pyaar Kitnaa Ye Ham Nahin Jaante
Magar Jee Nahin Sakte Tumhaare Binaa
A: Hamen Tumse Pyaar Kitnaa
Chorus: Tu Hi Dil
A: Ye Ham Nahin Jaante
Chorus: Tu Hi JaaN
A: Magar Jee Nahin Sakte
Chorus: Tu Khushi Hai
A: Tumhaare Binaa HaaN HaaN HaaN
KK: Tu Hi Dil Hai
Tu Hi JaaN Bhi Hai
Tu Khushi Hai
Aasraa Bhi Hai
Teri Chaahat Zindagi Hai
Tu Mohabbat
Tu Aashiqi Hai -2

A: Tumhen Koi Aur Dekhe To Jaltaa Hai Dil
BaDi MushqiloN Se Phir Sambhaltaa Hai Dil
Kyaa-Kyaa Jatan Karte Hain Tumhen Kyaa Pataa
Ye Dil Beqaraar Kitnaa Ye Ham Nahin Jaa…

Here are tips to bring back some fun into your relationship

Here are tips to bring back some fun into your relationship

How to make your life more romantic (Thinkstock photos/Getty Images)

Sometimes we get so busy with our work that we don't get time to express our love to the most important person of our life. So here are some tips to bring back the romance into your marriage.

Spend quality time
Sometimes you maybe in the same room for hours but not talk to each other simply because you are busy with your own work. If you are alone with your husband make sure you spend the time talking to him.

Arrange for a date
If you have kids, arrange for a baby sitter and go out on a date. If he enjoys dancing then you can hit a nice place where you can shake a leg. If your man would like to indulge in some games take him to a bowling parlour. Believe it this will work like a charm.

Be the chef
Food is the easiest way to a man's heart. So, cook a great meal comprising of the dishes he likes. But if you aren't convinced about your culinary skills …

What is Science?

What is Science?
Richard P. Feynman Presented at the fifteenth annual meeting of the National Science Teachers Association, 1966 in New York City, and reprinted from 'The Physics Teacher'.
I thank Mr. DeRose for the opportunity to join you science teachers. I also am a science teacher. I have much experience only in teaching graduate students in physics, and as a result of the experience I know that I don't know how to teach.

I am sure that you who are real teachers working at the bottom level of this hierarchy of teachers, instructors of teachers, experts on curricula, also are sure that you, too, don't know how to do it; otherwise you wouldn't bother to come to the convention.

The subject "What is Science" is not my choice. It was Mr. DeRose's subject. But I would like to say that I think that "what is science" is not at all equivalent to "how to teach science," and I must call that to your attention for two reasons. In th…