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To marry or not to marry...a divorcee!

There was a sweet silence in the house. Kids were away for a vacation and the domestic help was out of sight.

I was busy arranging the champagne glasses to celebrate the romantic evening, my wife surfed TV channels in the meanwhile. The moment of 'cheers' was not far away when she shrieked "Arvind, do you remember how much we loved this TV show?"

Anurag was the new husband she had married after she divorced Arvind years back. This inadvertent forgetfulness left the rest of the evening hostage to an awkward silence.

Second marriages in India are ridden with complexities hard to rationalise sometimes. Marrying a divorcee is a tough proposition, but does it always conclude in bitterness?

Do/Can we trust each other?

Trust is the building block of the institution of marriage. Dr. Kamal Khurana, Relationship Coach at Purple Alley Institute of Relationships, Delhi, explains: "In a marriage where one or both partners are divorced, the couple has to deal with blame game…

Warning signs that she’s not into you

Warning signs that she’s not into you (Thinkstock photos/Getty Images)

You may be the man who has treated her better than anyone ever did, but have no idea if she's in love with you? Here are warning signs that she's not even remotely interested in you... 

Women are equally difficult as men, if not more, when it comes to handing a cue to the oppositesex on how high their interest level is. And while everyone thinks men love the chase, the truth is, when one is unable to receive signals from the other end, the chase can be pretty frustrating. While she may enjoy the attention, love the flowers, savour the chocolates, and blush at the flirtatious text messages, she may just take it in jest without really making an effort to give you a positive nod that says, "I like you way beyond the regular already". And sometimes, it gets too late to decipher what her intentions truly are. So here's a quick decoder for all you men who are unaware what she's up to, whether she&…