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Hate and Love

Hate and Love
they cut with the same blade
is that why they hurt so much?

hating someone
so much, you love
to hate them
damn its scary

Loving someone so
much you hate
when the cruelty of life
falls on them in anyway
till you thrust
your body in the way
like a shield, turning away it all
taking each stab, feeling each blow
Everyone full of determination to see you break
fall and shatter
but you know you can't
you won't. . .

Bindh ki Bindhni - Uski Mumma se baat hui thi meri (The story continues)

As the days rolled on and the story eloped in and off, wherein she called and waited and waited for time that never did seem to end, for each minute that passed seemed like a day and so on and so forth.

He was there, waiting with arms flung open wide for her to cling onto hang onto hold onto, be with to live and to be lived for every moment to be cherished and remembered, she thought that the moments are way too precious, every second felt and every breath realized, for she selected the dresses and the events and thought of every sequence rehearsed multiply and perfected, always lost in deep thoughts of her "bindh".
But it is often said and observed that Man proposes and GOD disposes, and for her this was a BANG, hell broke loose with passing time and every moment that she wished to cherish vanished, simply vanished in thin cold air, no traces left behind. She knew he was there and he wasnt really there, for days passed and turned to weeks and they eloped to months, but aga…

Into my eyes

Into my eyes
you look but
you never see me. . .
or maybe that's it you
see to much of me,
you can't look past my curves or
maybe it's the color of my skin
that turns you away I
never do anything to make you look elsewhere or maybe. . .
it's the things I say.