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11 Surprising Uses for Honey

11 Surprising Uses for Honey

It's often said that the famed ancient beauty Cleopatra would soak in honey and milk baths. Well, whether or not that's true, it's certainly not surprising that the story has persisted for so long — honey has a tremendous effect on the skin. And that's not all — honey is a powerful antiseptic and a fantastic natural sugar substitute. Click through for these and more alternative uses for honey.

1. Relieve Hangovers. Had a little too much fun last night? A few tablespoons of honey, which is packed with fructose, will help speed up your body's metabolism of alcohol.

2. Heal Wounds, Cuts, Scrapes & Burns. Don't reach for the Neosporin the next time you cut or burn yourself — simply apply honey to the affected area. Honey works as a natural antiseptic.

3. Soothe Sore Throats and Coughs. Combine honey with the juice of one lemon and drink. It works like a wonder!

4. Remove Parasites. Hopefully you'll never have to use this trick, but …

O Husna Meri Ye To Bata Do.... By Piyush -- MP3

O Husna Meri Ye To Bata Do.... By Piyush -- MP3

Liked it as well, hope you enjoy.....

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Learning English - O-Z - Spellings

Some more common wrongly spelled english spellings

obation ovation
obay obey
obleek oblique
oblisk obelisk
ocapella a cappella
occassion occasion
occation occasion
occured occurred
occurrance occurrence
occurence occurrence
occuring occurring
ocilate oscillate
octive octave
odessy odyssey
offen often
offically officially
offisianado aficionado
omage homage
omlet omelet
omnishints omniscience
onomonopea onomatopoeia
opayk opaque
opinyon opinion
oportunity opportunity
orangatang orangutan
orcestrate orchestrate
orderves hors d'oeuvre
oregeno oregano
oricle oracle
orkid orchid
oscilliscope oscilloscope
ostridge ostrich
osterage ostrich
overwelm overwhelm
oxzillary auxiliary
pajent pageant
paradime paradigm
paradym paradigm
parafanalia paraphernalia
paralell parallel
parallell parallel
parameter perimeter
parana piranha
paranoya paranoia
paraphanalia paraphernalia
parfay parfait
paria pariah
parkay parquet
parlament parliament
parralell parallel
parrallell parallel
parshally partially
paschurize pasteurize
pastery pastry
peanuckle pinoc…

Learning English - Spelling Errors - A-N

Some Commonly Mispelled words in English with their correct spellings

Austrailia Australia
Checkoslovakia Czechoslovakia
Conneticut Connecticut
Febewary February
Presbaterian Presbyterian
Tootonic Teutonic
Tusday Tuesday
Wendsday Wednesday
abanden abandon
abizmal abysmal
abriviate abbreviate
abscound abscond
absorbant absorbent
absorbtion absorption
abstanence abstinence
abundence abundance
abundent abundant
acatemy academy
acceptence acceptance
acceptible acceptable
acceptibly acceptably
accessable accessible
accidently accidentally
accomidate accommodate
accross across
accually actually
acheeve achieve
acknowledgement acknowledgment
acoostic acoustic
acqueus aqueous
acquiess acquiesce
acrost across
acryllic acrylic
acter actor
adament adamant
adaquit adequate
adew adieu
adheasive adhesive
adjacancy adjacency
adjacant adjacent
adjatate agitate
adjative adjective
adolecent adolescent
adventagous advantageous
advesary adversary
afficianado aficionado
afterwords afterwards
aggenst agai…