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Post-Cyprus truth: There is risk in banks, gold, realty


Post-Cyprus truth: There is risk in banks, gold, realty
Arjun Parthasarathy
The average Indian is certain of three things apart from death and taxes. One is that banks in India cannot fail, two is that gold prices cannot fall and three is that real estate prices cannot fall.

Indians have reasons to believe these three certainties of banks not failing and gold and real estate prices not falling. After all banks have not failed in India over the years and those who have failed have been taken over by other banks (Global Trust Bank is one example where RBI made sure it was taken over by a stronger bank, the Oriental Bank of Commerce). Cooperative banks keep failing and RBI cancels their licences frequently.

Depositors are guaranteed Rs 1 lakh of deposits by the DICGC (Deposit Insurance and Credit Guarantee Corporation). Depositors with over Rs 1 lakh in deposits suffer losses but this does not seem to affect the general public who bank wi…

The Puppet Seller in CP Delhi - Continued - Update -9811174891

In continuation of my post : The Puppet Seller in CP Delhi

Update provided by a friend through FB, & for a change he didn't post his dogs pics !! thanks Kitty...
Am glad to say that I finally found this wonderful gentleman today! In spite of searching the streets of CP I initially couldn’t spot him and as I was returning... back and waiting for the metro i saw him being wheel-chaired into the station. I of course bought all his puppets, but my only purpose of posting his picture on FB is to correct some facts which I found incorrect on other posts circulating on FB

Yes he can be found in CP from 5:30 – 7:30pm everyday but he only sits in A block in front of KFC/Cinderella showroom.

He has been specially provided a seat/chair by the shops around to make him comfortable but he sits only on the benches behind the pillar (outside)

He cannot walk properly. He uses a walking stick but can barely balance himself…

Morning Truths

Morning Truths

10 Most Unusual Company Perks

10 Most Unusual Company Perks
1) The company that offers free beer to employees every Friday

If you work for Advanced Medical, a company in Port Orange, Florida, you probably look forward to Beer Cart Fridays. Once a week, each employee is provided with an ice-cold beer. (source:

Jennifer Fuicelli, the company's chief executive, said that while she knows alcohol in the workplace is a contentious issue for some, she wanted to provide an "unorthodox corporate culture" of rewarding employees for their hard work — by allowing them to crack open a cold one, on the company's tab, during work hours. "We have a very low turnover, and a very high retention rate," she said.

2) The company that held an orgy to 'reward' their salesmen

A German insurance company decided to reward the success of its sales staff in a rather unusual way – with a prostitute-filled orgy. While most organizations might show their appreciation for their employees with a free nig…

Complete Health Guide



Walking: Excellent cardiovascular benefits for the advanced age groups.. Should be done briskly with swinging of the arms. Comfortable shoes must be worn. May be done morning or evening for 30-60 minutes.
Suitable for younger age group below 50 years. 30 minutes is all that is required and may be done continuously, or jog and walk in between when fatigued. The pace of jogging is equal to that of a brisk walk run on soft or grassy surface. Wear comfortable clothes and breathe freely.
For those who know how to swim, 20 minutes of continuous swimming is sufficient. Alternately swim the length of a pool 10-20 meters, rest at the end for 30 seconds, swim back. 10 such lengths is good. Use any stroke you know. They are all of almost equal cardiovascular and muscular benefit.
For any age group. Minimum time 45-60 minutes of continuous controlled fast cycling. Cycling up slopes gives added benefit. Ordinary…