The Puppet Seller in CP Delhi - Continued - Update -9811174891

In continuation of my post : The Puppet Seller in CP Delhi

Update provided by a friend through FB, & for a change he didn't post his dogs pics !! thanks Kitty...
Am glad to say that I finally found this wonderful gentleman today! In spite of searching the streets of CP I initially couldn’t spot him and as I was returning... back and waiting for the metro i saw him being wheel-chaired into the station. I of course bought all his puppets, but my only purpose of posting his picture on FB is to correct some facts which I found incorrect on other posts circulating on FB

Yes he can be found in CP from 5:30 – 7:30pm everyday but he only sits in A block in front of KFC/Cinderella showroom.

He has been specially provided a seat/chair by the shops around to make him comfortable but he sits only on the benches behind the pillar (outside)

He cannot walk properly. He uses a walking stick but can barely balance himself and the heavy bag of puppets!

He speaks fluent English and comes from a good family and he spent all his earnings and investments on his children.

I know he is very famous now and people have been very supporting too. They buy his puppets. Give him extra orders, Pay him extra sometimes. But that should NOT be the solution! He doesn’t deserve to work at the age of 74! I asked him if gets pension from his last workplace but unfortunately they gave him a fixed amount and now its over. If anyone anywhere knows of any organization that can help him with a constant source of income WITHOUT him having to travel that would be great! I got his phone no. too 9811174891– If anyone wants to contact him, pls do so! He needs help and plenty of donations!

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