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Muhabbat ki Kahani (Story of Romance)

Muhabbat ki Kahani (Story of Romance)  Apni to mohabbat ki itni kahani hai,  Tooti hui kashti or tehhra hua pani hai,  Ek phool kitabon may dam tor chuka hai,  Magar kuch yaad nahi aata yeh kis ki nishani hai

Aj betha veran

Aj betha veran  me kuch soch rha tha <3  Jise chaha muddat se  Use khoj rha tha  Udte parinde ki trh  Manjil ko panne ke liye  Usse mulakat krne ke liye  Uske pass aane ke liye  Tadaf rha tha  Dhundte dhundte mera sara  Groor deh gya  Aaj phir mai akela veran reh gya 
Sochte sochte is rah par  Phauncha  Jise chaha wo ek soch ban  Kar reh gya <3  Galti par galti krte rhe  Use pane ke liye  dunia se ladte rhe aapna bnane  ke liye <3
Sapna hi bankar mera  Pyar reh gya <3  Aaj fir mai akela veran reh gya
Manga tha tujhe khuda se  Par tu na mil ski <3  Mere pyar bhare baag me  Koi kalli na khil ski  Dosto ne sath diya har pal  Tere liye rota smbhlta anurag  reh gya <3  Aaj kyu sb dur hai mujhse  Aesa ek imthiaan rh gya  Aaj fir mai akela veran rh gya <3
sb kuch hokar bhi aj kuch nhi  Hai  Tere khyal teri aarju is dil me  Hai <3  Teri milne ki aas me  Jee rha hu  Tujhse milna mera mera haq  Mera aahraz reh gya <3  Aaj fir mai akela veran reh gya….:(

Zindagi Per Kitab Likhunga...!!

Zindagi Per Kitab Likhunga...!! Us Main Sare Hisab Likhunga..!!
Pyar Ko Waqt Guzari Likh Kar..!! Chahton Ka Azab Likhunga..!!
Hui Barbad Mohbbat Kaise..!! Kaise Bikhre Hain Khuwab Likhunga..!!
Apni KhuwahiSh Ka Tazkra Kar K..!! Uss Ka Chehra Gulab Likhunga.!!
Main Uss Se Judai Ka Sabab ..!! Apni Qismat Kharab Likhunga..!!
Main Bhi Kabhi Zindagi Per Kitab Likhunga..!! Apni Qismat Kharab Likhunga..!!

Bhid me koi apna sa ham dhundte hain

Bhid me koi apna sa ham dhundte hain  jaisee tapti dhup me shabnum ham dhundte hain  dewangi me aksar unhe dhunda kiye  hosh me aakar unhe kam dhundte hai  ab tak jo muskurahat sikhata raha  usi k hontho pe tbsum ab ham dhundte hai  odhe rakha hai chehre pe hamne khushiyo ka saya?  dhundne wale chehre pe matam dhundte hain  ek wo hai jinhe gehre baithi hain khushiyan sari or ek ham hain…jinhe jamane ke sare gam dhundte hain….

Frustration of a married man

A man and his wife were spending the day at the zoo. She was wearing a loose-fitting pink backless dress, sleeveless with straps. He was wearing his usual jeans and t-shirt.

As they walked through the ape exhibit, they passed in front of a large, silverback gorilla. Noticing the wife, the gorilla immediately went crazy.

He jumped on the bars and, holding on with one hand and 2 feet, he grunted and pounded his chest with his free hand. He was obviously very excited by the pretty lady in the pink dress.

The husband, noticing the excitement, thought this was funny. He suggested that his wife tease the poor fellow some more by puckering her lips and wiggling her bottom. She played along and the gorilla got extremely excited, now making noises that would wake the dead.

Then the husband suggested that she let one of her dress straps fall to show a little more skin. She did … and the gorilla was about to tear the bars down!

“Now, show your thighs and sort of fan your dress at him,” he said.

Dard-e-dil ke siwa kya diya aapne

Dard-e-dil ke siwa kya diya aapne,  har kam sirf sitam se liya aapne. ghamon se hin bhari hai zindagi meri,  kam na aai muhabbat ki bandagi meri,  kis janam ka badla mujhse liya aapne, zindagi mein koi rangeen sham nahin hai,  kahin bhi yahan khusiyon ka naam nahin hai.  nam rahti hein palken ye kya kiya aapne, Jo mit na sake aise jakhm aapne diya,  khusi ke badle sirf gham aapne diya.  kiya kyaa maine sab kuch mita diya aapne, kam har dam sitam se liya aapne.



From A Wife to her husband - SV to Rohit

This is a direct capture from FB from my dear darling sisters profile, this she has posted to her husband who is unfortunately no more with us on his birthday,
I would request that should anyone copy paste or share this post please do not change it, preferrably share it from here only.

Dear Sis, I salute and respect thy feelings and sentiments, at the same time live in the present......

Love u lots sis

Maana tha tumhe apna par tumne to banaa diya khud ko mera ek sapna .jee to hum aaj bhi rahe hain tumhare bina par kyun ye jag tumhare bina lagta hai soona.lagta hai bus kal ki si baat hai wo bachpan humaara aaj bhi saath hai woh baarish mein humaara bheegna haathon mein haath chalnaa yaad aata hai woh saath tumhara tumhare jaate hi chalaa gaya wo bachpana humara.aaj bhi mehfil mein tanha rehte hain hum lagaa liya dil ne tumhe khone kaa gham.jaam to aaj bhi chalakte hain tumhare bina aaj bhi hum akele mein tadapte hain,ye nayan aaj bhi tumhare darash ko taraste hain.humari chaahat ke aag…

In lakhon ki duniya main tumhara hi chehra nazar kyu aata hai

In lakhon ki duniya main tumhara hi chehra nazar kyu aata hai,  dil akela reh gya hai fir bhi uska ehsas hi nazar kyu mehsoos hota hai,  Toofan me bhi ye sagar viran nazar kyu nazar aata hai,  Barish ke mousam main bhi mera man kyu sukha-viran nazar aata hai,  Akela hu me fir bhi wo kyu mujhe mere pass nazar aati hai…….?  Chah ke bhi dur nahi ho pa raha me uss se,  kyu wo bar-bar mere khwabo me nazar aati hai ?  Dil tod diya usne mera tab bhi wo mujhe apna pyar hi nazar kyu aati hai ?  kaisa ye ehsas hai pyar ka ki jo hamko tod ke jata hai wo hi kyu hame apna pyar sansar aata hai …. Kyu woh hi Aas woh hi aasra nazar aata hai....... Kyu usi par Aas Laga kar jeeye jaate hai.....

The jagged line falls crooked upon my face

The jagged line falls crooked upon my face, splitting my features into a grimace of subtle carnage. It emerges from my throat and swivels its way across my lips, around my nose, and between my eyes. It finds its final resting place on the left side of my forehead. As I reach my fingers to touch it, it moves- skipping slightly to the right or left as I try to feel it, as I try to know that it is there and tangible. With spidery legs, it crawls across my face, turning into swirls and scribbles - turning into fragments and scars - and I can't quite touch it. I see it thought - a red, angry line with furry edges to it, with shadowy energy that stretches across my features and mars any attempt I make at feeling good.

Something isn't right and I'm not quite sure what it is. The feeling of uneasiness creeps throughout my being and as I stare at my face in the mirror, my heart starts to hurt. I want to take my hand and punch through the glass, reach to the broken figure on the ot…

Unka matlab hai aap aankhen shabnami ker lein

Unka matlab hai aap aankhen shabnami ker lein ;
 Mujhe bhula k waser apni zindagi ker lein.
 wo mera yaar jane kyun mujhe khuda sa laga ;
 kyun dil mein aaya chalo uski bandagi ker lein.
 Mai thak gaya uski gali mein ghoom – ghoomker ;
 wo kamwakhat baitha raha kahin gher mein.
 wo chupke se ander aa hi jaate hain kahi se ;
 dil k band chahe raste sabhi ker lein.
 Yun hi bus ittefaqn mil gai nazer se nazer ;
 dil kab aaya tha k yaar aashiqi ker lein.

The Worst Mistake in the History of the Human Race

The Worst Mistake in the History of the Human Race

To science we owe dramatic changes in our smug self-image. Astronomy taught us that our earth isn’t the center of the universe but merely one of billions of heavenly bodies. From biology we learned that we weren’t specially created by God but evolved along with millions of other species. Now archaeology is demolishing another sacred belief: that human history over the past million years has been a long tale of progress. In particular, recent discoveries suggest that the adoption of agriculture, supposedly our most decisive step toward a better life, was in many ways a catastrophe from which we have never recovered. With agriculture came the gross social and sexual inequality, the disease and despotism, that curse our existence.

At first, the evidence against this revisionist interpretation will strike twentieth century Americans as irrefutable. We’re better off in almost every respect than people of the Middle Ages, who in turn had it…

20 Words for That Certain Something

20 Words for That Certain Something
Some people have it, and some people don’t. But what, exactly, is it? Here’s a list of words describing a special quality that sets certain people apart from others, and their meanings: 1. Brio: vivaciousness (Italian, “fire, life,” perhaps from the word for vigor from a form of French)
2. Charisma: charm or personal magnetism (from the Greek word meaning “favor”)
3. Chutzpah: admirable or excessive self-confidence; this word and ginger are the only ones on this list that have both positive and negative connotations (from Hebrew by way of Yiddish; several other spellings are used, but this one is the most common)
4. Duende: charm (from Spanish dialect, meaning “ghost”)
5. Élan: enthusiasm (from the French word eslan, meaning “rush,” with the same Latin root from which lance is derived)
6. Esprit: vivacious wit (French, from the Latin term spiritus, “spirit”)
7. Flair: style, or talent or tendency (from the French word meaning “odor” or “scent,” ulti…

The Puppet Seller in CP Delhi

Few Days ago while roaming CP with a friend I met a Sales Man With Puppet!!!!!

I saw him last saturday around 6.30 pm in F block, Inner Circle, Connaught Place. He is Well Dressed wearing ironed full-sleeved shirt which is tucked into trouser that has a black leather belt and a stick to support his steps.

His hand is covered with a puppet gloves which make a "PPPPPIIIIPPPP" sound that enables him to attract passerby.

I was curious to know about his life, what I got to know ! I wanted to share with all!

Let's meet Mr Sahay he is a live example for the people who are scared from struggle, he is 75 and still working.

At this age he commutes daily from Rohtak with a bag full of puppets and a water bottle which is heavier & makes it uneasy for him to even walk.

He has a railway pass which enable him to commute daily from Rohtak. He earns for his wife, married daughter and her children.

He happens to be a Retired Bank manager, he had a son who did chartered accountancy, h…

Unse keh do wo meri rahon main na aaya kare

Unse keh do wo meri rahon main na aaya kare,  aa bhi jaye toh muh pher kar na jaya kare,  main toh waise hi jala dil liye firta hoon,  apni berukhi se is dil ko or na jalaya kare,  unki judai se tadapna seekh liya humne,  apna keh kar kalam kisi or na gaya kare… unse keh doh wo meri rahon main na aaya kare….  unse keh doh wo meri rahon main na aaya kare….

Tanhaai - MP3

Oooh Lovely

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Mujhey ik lamha chaho to sahi yun he kabhi

Mujhey ik lamha chaho to sahi yun he kabhi Zindagi ki naveed ban jao tum yun he kabhi
Gar kabhi aankh yeh meri jo nam ho jaye To meray ansoon ko pe jao tum yun he kabhi
Gar kabhi mayos jo hojaon zindagi say apni To mera maseeha ban tum jao yun he kabhi
Gar kabhi zuban meri sath mera na day To meri zuban ban jao tum yun he kabhi
Gar sirf dukh ka hisaar paon mein gird apnay To chand lamhay ke khushi ban jao tum yun he kabhi
Gar safar lamba ho mera aur sath na ho koi To meri humsafar ban jao tum yun he kabhi
Gar mein kho gaya aur manzal ka taeyan na ho To meri manzil ban jao tum yun he kabhi
Gar TANHA(Lone) kabhi tanha hojaye is duniya mein To meri tanhai ban jao tum yun he kabhi

5 “Re-” Words That Aren’t Repeats

5 “Re-” Words That Aren’t Repeats
The prefix for denoting repetition is re-, but its presence in a word doesn’t necessarily indicate a repeat of an action. Here, as examples, are five words starting with re- that differ in sense from their root words. 1. Rebate: To bate is to deduct or restrain, but the word, used rarely, usually is employed for the latter meaning, often in the jocular phrase “await with bated breath,” to indicate feigned excitement. Bate is a truncation of abate, which refers to deducting, depriving, moderating, or putting an end to something. To rebate, however, is to return part of a payment as an incentive. Bate is from the Anglo-French word abatre, meaning “to strike down”; rebate is fromrebatre, which derives from abatre but means “to deduct.” 2. Recapitulate: To capitulate is to acquiesce or surrender, but to recapitulate is to summarize. Capitulate is from the Latin word capitulum, which originally meant “to distinguish by heads or chapters” in reference to pa…

Mujh ko rula kar dil unka bhi roya hoga

Mujh ko rula kar dil unka bhi roya hoga,
 Chehra aasuon se usne bhi bhigoya hoga,
 Kya hasil kiya humne pyar mai,
 Magar kuch to zarur usne bhi khoya hoga_ _

Jal - Woh Lamhay MP3

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Saamne reh kar vo mere mujhko zakhm aise deti hai

Saamne reh kar vo mere mujhko zakhm aise deti hai

jaise usko pyaar karne ki saza vo mujhko deti hai

jaane kitni baar kaha humko aaj bhi tumse pyaar hai

badlunga na mai kabhi dil se karta vo iqraar hai

hum bhi kitne naadan the jo yakeen uska kar liya

kitna paak tha pyaar mera vo sara usi se kar liya?

kaise keh du mai usko kuch,jo kabhi sirf mera imaan thi

begunaah hai vo shayad in paak rishto se anjaan thi

kuch bhi kehna nahi chahte us se magar halaat majboor kar dete hai

na chah kar bhi vo har pal ik nya zakham mujhko deti hai

na samajh sake vo mera pyaar na samjhi meri dosti

khud ko jala kar bhi humne deni chaahi usko roshni

kuch bhi ho is dil ko unse pyaar hai

gum nahi dunga khushiya is baat ka iqraar hai……

Direct dil se to AS.........

Humne bhi mangi thi duva aashiyane ki

Humne bhi mangi thi duva aashiyane ki  chal padi aandhiyan jamane ki  koi na samajh saka mere gum ko  kyun ki mujhe aadat thi muskurane ki …

Jal - Teri Yaad MP3


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