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A Jinxed Love Story

A Jinxed Love Story: 5 Autowallahs I Have Met in Delhi
Autowallahs are not my favourite people in the world. And going by the sheer number of stink eyes I get from them every day, this feeling must be mutual. Don't get me wrong, there have been plenty of times when the autowallah has happily agreed to take me by the meter, or sweetly helped me find my way when I was more lost than Babe was in the woods. But it is a truth now universally accepted, that thanks to my auto-jinx, I have had more near death experiences in auto-rides than everything else put together.    

Here are five types of autowallahs, I encounter pretty often, but wish I didn't. 

1. The Hulk: First and foremost is The Hulk. He may not turn green but The Hulk is ALWAYS angry. The Hulk loves expletives. They make him happy. In my vast (and deeply disturbing experience) it is best to keep calm and plug in your earphones. Also pray that he doesn't run over someone. Pray you fool. Pray.

Seriously. Don't.
2. The …