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Top 5 myths about marriage

Top 5 myths about marriage (Thinkstock photos/Getty Images)

Marriage is often seen as fix-all - dreamy singles think it will make them happy, restless men and women think it will make them feel complete. We take apart the five most popular cons that mar marriage.

I won't be lonely
Being lonely or having company has nothing to do with getting married. Many loners remain so even after marriage. A long-suffering woman shared her woes, she said that though she was married, she was always lonely. "I never felt that we shared anything. When I spoke, he heard but never listened. On holidays, I never felt that we were together." Those who are lonely and feel that marriage will be a solution, need to analyse and identify what they are feeling.

Anytime sex
Sexual desire and frequency is dependent on libido, compatibility and the acceptance of the word 'sex' among both partners. Many partners, who have a deep-seated resentment for each other and are constantly bickering, ar…

Some Expressions in words

These I feel are just excellent for they express me for you and I find them very relative and to the point, I am sure you will understand and the message conveyed........

Is ahad mein ilahi mohabbat ko kya hua
choda wafa ko unne muravvat ko kya hua
ummidvar vada-e-didar mar chale
aate hi aate yaron qayamat ko kya hua
bakshish ne mujh ko abr-e-karam ke kiya khijal
ae chashm-e-josh ashk-e-nadamat ko kya hua
jata hai yar teg bakaf gair ke taraf
ae kushta-e-sitam teri gairat ko kya hua

Ulti ho gain sab tadabiren, kuch na dawa ne kam kiya
dekha is bimari-e-dil ne aakhir kam tamam kiya
ahd-e-javani ro-ro kata, piri mein lin aankhen mund
yani raat bahot the jage subah hui aaram kiya

Ae jaana kya kahun tum se main ke kya hai ishq
jan ka rog hai, bala hai ishq
ishq hi ishq hai jahan dekho
sare aalam mein bhar raha hai ishq
ishq mashuq ishq aashiq hai
yani apna hi mubtala hai ishq
ishq hai tarz-o-taur ishq ke tain
kaheen banda kaheen khuda hai ishq
kon maqsad ko ishq bin pahuncha
aarzoo ishq v…

Funny & Tricky Questions

Jaana love u lots & miss u

A donkey behind another donkey
I'm behind that second donkey
But there is a whole nation behind me

It is a murder you can describe in a word. 

Ass ass i nation

Manoj Singh left on a horse on Thursday , was gone for two days, and came back on Thursday How did that happen?

Horse name was thursday :p

A doctor and a bus driver are both in love with the same woman an attractive girl named Sarah. The bus driver had to go on a long bustrip that would last a week. Before he left he gave Sarah seven apples. Why? 

An apple a day keeps the doctor away!

If you had a pizza with crust thickness 'a' and radius 'z', what's the volume of the pizza? 

pi * z * z * a

A woman shoots her husband. 
Then she holds him under water for over 5 minutes. 
Finally, she hangs him. 
But 5 minutes later they both go out together and enjoy a wonderful dinner together.
How can this be? 

The woman was a photographer. She shot…

Michael Jackson: 15 things you didn't know

Michael Jackson: 15 things you didn't know

In the lexicon of pop culture, Michael Jackson is legend. In an extraordinary career that began when he was five, Michael Jackson notched up milestones including recording the most successful album of all time (Thriller) and winning eight Grammys in a single year, a record. To celebrate his 55th birth anniversary, here are 15 things about MJ only a true fan would know.
1.Michael Jackson described his own voice as a pre-teen singing with The Jackson 5 as sounding "like Minnie Mouse."

2.The first song he ever sang publicly was Climb Every Mountain from The Sound Of Music at age five.

3. His famous dance move, the moonwalk, is said to have been based on the routine of mime artist Marcel Marceau.

4. Billie Jean was the first music video by a black artist to air on MTV.

5. Apart from his famous chimpanzee Bubbles, MJ also own llamas called Louis and Lola, a boa constrictor named Muscles, a ram called Mr Tibbs, a python called Crushe…