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On the Science of Consciousness In Ancient India

On the Science of Consciousness In Ancient India
Subhash Kak, PhD
Copyright 1998, T.R.N. Rao and Subhash Kak Introduction
Consciousness is described as the ultimate mystery in ancient Indian texts and its study is lauded as the highest science. But until recently, the question of consciousness was considered to lie outside of the scope of science1 and, consequently, the references in the Indian texts to consciousness have not been examined for their significance to the history of science in India. But before a chronology of the ideas related to consciousness can be developed it is essential to understand their scientific significance and separate what can be correlated with the emerging insights of cognitive science from the more speculative philosophical and religious thought.
Scientific attitudes towards consciousness have changed due to the recent advances in neurophysiology and because modern physics and computer science are confronted with the question of the nature of t…

Jo Na Aati Tu Meri Zindagi Mein ... Na Fikr Hoti Na Liquor Hoti..... MP3

Indeed a pretty comical song and video received and enjoyed and here it is for you to laugh out....
Thanks Jaana


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And must I say it is pretty comical........

Love laws

Love laws (Thinkstock photos/Getty Images)

Here are the seven regulations we've chalked out for you which one ought to abide by when in a relationship

While there is no rule book that Cupid donates to you after he has struck the arrow, there still are some (read: silent) hard and fasts that you should keep in mind lest you travel through choppy waters in your relationship. Be aware you don't lose balance when sitting on one plank of the love seesaw. Here's making things wee-simpler, we give you a rundown on major relationship rules you just shouldn't mess with.

Avoid anything you'd not want him to do:

You've made things clear to him; he shouldn't talk with his ex, shouldn't go for those friday night basketball games with the boys, no late night talks for him with his girl friends... with all this and more, just remember one thing. Rules are meant to be the same for both of you. Don't think you'll set all the rules out for him and, side-by-side, …