Bindh ki Bindhni - Uski Mumma se baat hui thi meri (The story continues)

As the days rolled on and the story eloped in and off, wherein she called and waited and waited for time that never did seem to end, for each minute that passed seemed like a day and so on and so forth.

He was there, waiting with arms flung open wide for her to cling onto hang onto hold onto, be with to live and to be lived for every moment to be cherished and remembered, she thought that the moments are way too precious, every second felt and every breath realized, for she selected the dresses and the events and thought of every sequence rehearsed multiply and perfected, always lost in deep thoughts of her "bindh".
But it is often said and observed that Man proposes and GOD disposes, and for her this was a BANG, hell broke loose with passing time and every moment that she wished to cherish vanished, simply vanished in thin cold air, no traces left behind. She knew he was there and he wasnt really there, for days passed and turned to weeks and they eloped to months, but again only generic small talks happened and the essence of love and romance was missing, she waited day in and day out for those moments, but they never did seem to come true, time was passing fast.

Came the day of her birthday and she did indeed like any normal femme fatale in love had expectations, expectations of feelings, hopes, new dreams, new starts, new talks, new life, but again somehow the lady luck really wasnt in a good mood et all, even jerkish friends like meeself literally ended up wishing in the eve and that too in the eve, and guess the same was the case with the "Bindh" for he was there and yet not there, he did but he didnt, he cared?, well some questions better left unanswered.

Days passed by, small talks continued, nothing significant seemed to value, then one day he did say to his bindhni that he has been turning down multiple irresistible offers from his family for his wedlock and all assumingly for she was there and the suddenly a "boom" he said "Mumma se baat karogi meri?" and a chill ran down her spine for she felt that the breaths suddenly elongated and tongue miss on words, for the head went blank and the sub conscious over rode the conscious mind, a little but natural uhh, ummm and then the line to the mother, she felt like she stood in a huge concert hall, right in the center with thousands watching, all numb and cold but the conversation had to start, she just didnt know how to respond, all that she knew of manners and etiquette was in a blender, blended together, she wanted to be true, expressive and every God Damn thing possible, and finally the lady did talk, the first question, (God knows why but inspite of telling everything to you mother she would always ask the name) and suddenly she was happy for it was a question she knew of and could answer, but again the courage was missing and she did somehow manage to answer the questions in between her ummmm and aaaah, round of generic questions like where did you meet up and what do you do continued till the phone came back to him, for he was yet quick to say the "bye" word on the call and disconnect.

As the time passed she thought as to whats been going on, he said he would come and meet her father which she initially was deterrent to but he dropped the entire idea and then he aint in the town for ages now, he barely finds time to travel a small distance of 200 kms for his maiden, and even when he did visit the schedule did miss to have a good slot for her and how she desired that the schedule was centered around her, with a sad, on a low note, husky and cold bitten voice she said "Woh aaye the 13 ya 14 Sept 2013 ko"

For once again its Man proposes and GOD disposes.


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