After bachelors get married

Life changes for bachelors after marriage
After bachelors get married (Thinkstock photos/Getty Images)

Most bachelors get used to being bachelors will they get married. Once that happens, how do their lives change?

Singlehood is singlehood. A bit of indiscipline. Loads of fun. Then marriage happens. And, life changes. Chaos, oh- so lovable chaos, goes for a toss. Punctuality intrudes. Things change. And how.

Waste of money: Not allowed. Remember the time when you went pub-hopping, blowing thousands of rupees without thinking of going broke? And once you did, that is, went broke, the way you managed your life before the next pay packet came along?

Post marriage, such recklessness becomes a thing of the past in the first month. You spend, but carefully. You have enough in our bank on the last day of the month. You may not like the feeling of being so financially disciplined. But, how does it matter?

Flirting can hurt: Very few singles can claim to have led a flirting-free life. And even if they say they have, chances are they are lying or married or both.

Post marriage, you have every business to like someone of the opposite sex. But even if you do, keeping the door to your heart shut is the safest option. Although, may not be the best.

Time for everything: Are you the type that used to sleep 12 hours a day during your weekly offs? If so, you must be hating the thought of having to wake up on time after marriage. Not that you can do much about it, because your wife is unlikely to allow you to sleep for more than eight hours not matter how much you plead.

Neat and clean: Most bachelors live in a mess. But after marriage, they seem to own tidy rooms all of a sudden. Nobody needs to understand how that happens. The fact is that it does, and many guys take years to get used to the idea of sleeping in a clean room with a clean wife, smelling of soap every day.

Marriage turns many bachelors' lives upside down. Some get used to the change. Others merely pretend.


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