THE STRANGER--By Mohsin Wala aka Jim Charsi

THE STRANGER--By Mohsin Wala aka Jim Charsi

The stranger - triology

( i )

the silent whispers of the ghosts that do not exist
stir me from my sleep
how is it that the gentle caress of slumber
kisseth not these dreams away

words. they befoul my soul

i have vowed not to speak to you anymore
you can not converse in two languages
pardon me if i have forgotten yours
what is there in names anyway

i can call you my murderer too

so mesmerised by the division
i forgot what it divided
the line grew larger with each step
and finally engulfed me

there was no darkness before there was light

a shadow creeps slowly to the door
the room is empty as it peeks in
there is someone following it
it turns to see its master right behind

only slaves cry for freedom and sometimes

i looked hard at the reflected face
and recognized the stranger
the dim light was not enough
though it wasn't the first time

there was no way that i could have greeteed him


have i known you before
have i seen you
what is it that you carry
is not that my memories

how did you get it
my stolen crutches
rotting with the stench of desire
my maladies are mine alone

she cut it into pieces and neatly disposed it into an ash tray

no one could ever shed light
into the matter of darkness
and this was the grey area
where she chose to dwell

i reached out gropin with my hand
and lost myself in the folds and crevices
the darkness was confounding
i slipped and fell in the abyss

everyone knows the end in the beginning but none wills to believe

he walked slow and carried a staff
i had known he would come
still i couldn't help feeling surprised
i dared not look at him

i knew it was the stranger
we looked through each other
and acknowledging our estrangement
we passed by in silence

sometrhing stirred in me
i sighed and got up
i started walking right behind him
without a word he led me on

the sun was about to set beckoning us as we walked in its direction

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