Jaw Exercises - Learning English

A practice routine that every Voice and Accent trainer recommends, this is a good warm-up exercise, which when followed on a regular basis can help you loosen your jaws and ease muscular movement.
These are somethings I learnt in my call centre days and indeed they have always been a great help and must I say that they are great Jaw exercises, these are from the book of Cicely Berry.

However for you to learn and practice these properly it is mandatory that you read these with full enthusiasm and regardless read them aloud and try your best to make them loud but not disturbing.

OOT(UT)              OHT        AWT     AHT        AYT        EET
OOD                      OHD      AWD     AHD      AYD       EED
OON                      OHN      AWN     AHN       AYN       EEN
OOP                       OHP       AWP      AHP       AYP        EEP
OOM                     OHM      AWM     AHM      AYM       EEM
OOG                      OHG       AWG      AHG      AYG        EEG
OOF                       OHF       AWF      AHF       AYF        EEF
OOV                      OHV       AWV      AHV      AYF        EEF
OOS                       OHS       AWS      AHS       AYS        EES
OOZ                       OHZ       AWZ      AHZ       AYZ        EEZ
OOTH                    OHTH    AWTH   AHTH     AYTH     EETH

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