Crazy fitness fads

Crazy fitness fads
Crazy fitness fads (Thinkstock photos/Getty Images)

Just like crazy diet fads that come and go, today we're discussing fitness fads that take gyms by storm for brief moments and then disappear.

While it's a good thing to change workouts regularly, most good fitness routines should have a good mix of high intensity cardio, strength and endurance training and should develop flexibility. When fitness fads make you believe that only one particular movement is good for you, that's when you're asking for trouble.

Fitness Fad # 1 - Expensive equipment like a treadmill or cross trainer at home. If you buy expensive equipment like an excer-cycle, Nordic track or a treadmill for your home, you are chained to it at least for the next few years. Investing in something like that means your workouts will be limited to that particular machine. Either you're using your machine to dry your clothes or you're cheating yourself by believing you're clocking in quality exercise.

Fitness Fad #2 - Yoga in a steam room. And other such fitness fads which say that you will lose weight faster because you sweat more should be seen as how they are - fads. If you really want to get that body you've always wanted, there is no substitute for hard work. Short cuts are non-existent which is what you will learn along the way.

Fitness Fad #3 - Vibrating machine in fancy gyms. Many expensive and fancy gyms, charge more for a special membership that allows members to use a vibrating machine to do weights and they swear that it helps lose weight faster. Even if it does (we have our doubts) how long can it be sustained is the question, and what then? Do workouts that are real and functional for long-term effects.

Fitness Fad #4 - Shoes that help you tone the butt and burn fat. Shoe companies last year went all out the promote shoes with such high level of padding that the claimed that the shoes toned your butt and helped you burn fat by just going about your activities while wearing them. Which makes you wonder at what lengths any health brand will go to fool customers. Have a look at this show by Reebok, advertised as the Energy Drink for your feet! Now who would fall for that?

Fitness Fad #5 - Watching workout videos at home. Do Workout Videos really work? USA Today tries to answer this question. This is another trend online where websites put up videos of workouts for people to follow at home. From back in the Jane Fonda days to today little has changed, and they even could work, provided you muster up the willpower to workout alone at home with discipline! 

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