How to handle harsh criticism

How to handle harsh criticism
How to handle harsh criticism (Thinkstock photos/Getty Images)

Whether it's with your colleagues, friends or family, there are times when you will face criticism or flak for your work, behaviour or actions. While sometimes, it may genuinely be constructive criticism, which could benefit you, most times is it simply harsh, unfair criticism, usually stemming from an insecure individual. This can be a demoraliser. Here's how you can deal in such situations.

-The first thing you should try doing is ignoring it, especially if the criticism is coming from the same source, time and again. You need to decide if this person is worth having around you. After all, people who love and care about you, shouldn't constantly be trying to knock you down.

-If someone is saying something derogatory, try not to defend yourself. As hard as it sounds, becoming defensive in a situation like this will mean, that you actually care about what the person is saying or are hurt by his/her words. You don't need to prove your mettle or worth to someone like this.

-In certain cases, ignoring the situation might make it worse. While you may want to avoid conflict, taking on the problem head on may be the only suitable solution. So the next time you come across someone who's unfairly criticising you, just confront them, ask what their problem is and stand up for yourself.


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