Dunes of Time - By Bhoomika Pandey

As days of my life are passing by...
The mystery goes stronger, that who am I??
Still a petty wanderer wandering in deep dark woods..
Still fighting to come out of all the woulds and shoulds..
Halfway through is what I think have travelled..
Which makes it halfway more to go by..
I might have been through most of it.. 
Threz still a lot more to come by..
My mind flashes back to the beautiful past..
Childhood was the best of all perhaps..
I wanna shout & play & fall& rise.. 
No matter how dirty I look, still that was wise..
Today all I have is to pretend.. 
Worries here do not seem to end...
A notion then slowly creeps to my mind...
A notion then slowly creeps to my mind...
The missing puzzle piece, will I ever find..??
If that is what it is, leave me alone..
I dont want any message or phone.. 
Is that what u've written for me O'Lord..
Is that my fate, or blow of your sword..
I can see my pieces scattered all around..
Li'l time do I have to gather those I found..
If that's what's in here for me..
I don't wish to be a sufferer anymore..
Its time you call me..!!!


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