Signs that your relationship has ended

Alarm signs your relationship has ended
Signs that your relationship has ended

It was almost love at first sight for you two. People who saw you too couldn't help but comment on your chemistry.

And as if it wasn't enough both of you hit it off like a house on fire. All was hunky-dory for the first few months. However, of late you have began to notice that there's no spark in the relationship anymore. Sometime you just don't care to go out of your way to accommodate him and vice versa. Does it mean the chemistry has fizzled out? The following signs signal the end of a relationship.

- No more talking late into nights.
- No more surprises, mushy messages, flowers or love notes.
- You don't look forward to meeting anymore.
- You have nothing to talk over the phone or even when you meet in person.
- You can't help but compare the good ol' times with the imperfect present.
- You would rather prefer watching a three-hour movie than spending time in a coffee shop with him.
- You don't feel guilty fantasizing about other hunks.
- Holding hands or peck on the cheek doesn't release endorphins (feel good chemicals) anymore.
- You suddenly discover that your tastes are a total mismatch.
- You block his messages
- You un-friend him on social sites
- You un-friend his friends on your social networks
- You call him only when the need be and not for Hi & Hello
- You feel he is a piece of shit
- You feel he is unworthy of you
- You feel he has other relations (truth may be different)
- Your assumptions are your actions

Should this be the case with you, you know it's time to move on!

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