An amazing read for all parents.....

An amazing read for all parents.....

Gifted scholar Zhao Jie from the University of Beijing, wrote as follows:
"I admire those parents who are able to forge extremely strong & close bonds with their children when they were young & yet they know when to let go in a timely & appropriate manner when the children have grown up.
Taking care of & raising children & then letting go of them, are a parents' basic & mandatory duties.
A parent- child relationship is not a type of relationship that is permanently with the parents being in control.
It is a special & profound relationship brought about by fate; we must not let the child feel deprived or lacking when they were young & neither should we let them feel stifled, when they have grown up.
The role of parents is a journey of love & wisdom. Not only in one's role as parents, but also in life there are many moments that we need to understand when to advance & retreat.
Very often people wonder, why do we have children? Is it to carry on the family's name or to raise children to take care of us in our old age?
Finally, I found a very touching answer: The reason for having children is both, to give & to appreciate.
We should not ask for perfection in our children, neither should we expect them to win credits to honour the family nor should we want them as an insurance for old age.
We should only ask for them to be healthy & to let us have the chance to walk with them through this journey of life in this beautiful world.
This is such a beautiful verse that we have to remind ourselves; to pick a way to love our children!
All we ask is for them to be healthy & happy."

Beautiful thoughts, right?
Think about it.

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