Being "in the right place & at the right time".....

Being "in the right place & at the right time".....

A mother camel & a baby camel, were lying under a tree. Baby camel asked, “Why do we camels have humps?” Mother camel considered this & said, “We are desert animals so we have the humps to store water, so that we can survive with very little water.” The baby camel thought for a moment, then said, “Ok, but why are our legs long & our feet rounded?” Mama camel replied, “They are meant for walking in the desert.” Baby camel paused. After a few seconds, the camel asked, “Then why are our eyelashes long? Sometimes they get in my way.” Mama camel responded, “Those thick long eyelashes protect your eyes from the desert sand when it blows in the wind". Baby camel thought & thought & then said, “I see. So the hump is to store water when we are in the desert, the legs are for walking through the desert & the eye lashes protect our eyes from the desert. Then why are we in the Zoo?”

Skills & abilities are only useful, if one is "in the right place & at the right time"; else they go waste.

Think about it...

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