"Mādarē Vatan, Bhārat Ki Jai"

No "politics" in this at all, but what you will read is very interesting...

• The slogan, "Mādarē Vatan, Bhārat Ki Jai", was given in 1857, by Azeem Ullah Khan.
• The slogan, "Jai Hind", was given by Abid Hassan 'Safrani'.
• The slogan, "Inquilāb Zindābād", was given by Hasrat Mohani.
• The slogan "Bhārat Chhoro'' (Quit India), was given by Yusuf Meher Ali, who incidentally, also coined the famous slogan, ''Simon go back''.
• "Tarana-e-Hindi" - 'Sārē Jahāñ sē achhā, Hindostāñ hamārā', was written by Allama Iqbal.
• Surayya Tayyabji made the remarkable & incredible contribution that gave us our flag, the Tri-Colour as we know it today.

Incidentally, not one of the above luminaries, was a proponent of Hindutva, neither were any of them, members of the RSS, VHP, or the BHP (which did not even exist then).

The above is a collection from Ali Nadeem Rezavi, Professor & Chairman, Department of History, Aligarh Muslim University.

Wonder why there is so much of a hullabaloo now???

Cheers folks.
Think about it...

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