The 6 E’s of Great Leaders

The 6 E’s of Great Leaders:
(What is it that leaders actually do?)

These are the major practices of leadership that we must enact on a continual basis, to be able to have the amount of influence & impact we desire, in our work lives, or any role in which we’re leading other people:

1: Envision:
* Great leaders envision a compelling, different & vibrant future than what’s here.
* Where there's no vision, people perish, so we have to envision.
* If you set a vision one time & forget about it, it’s not going to help you accomplish the influence or impact that you want.

2): Enlist:
* Enlist other people to share their voices, their perspective, their dreams & desires for where you could be going.
* People support what they create. If people are involved in the ideation of a vision, they are involved in creating ideas, brainstorming & figuring out what it is we are about.
* Ask questions, pay attention to their needs.
* Enlist others to support & build this vision, this ideal future, together.

3): Embody:
As leaders, we have to stand for, demonstrate, show & portray, what we really believe in.

4): Empower:
* Giving people the decision-making authority & trust to be able to work toward this vision.
* Allow them the autonomy, strength & input; equip them with the knowledge, skills, abilities, technology, tools & training to allow them to succeed as they march with us to achieve something extraordinary & phenomenal.
* Great leaders come in, nail the vision, get people, stand for something, empower people at the beginning, give some training & then they just disappear.

5): Evaluate:
* Evaluate their skills, needs & the ethics that are going on in the organization, in our team.
* Evaluate them on questions like excellence, being ethical, being excellent & ethical, as they are progressing.

6): Encourage:
* Be the champion.
* Be the cheerleader.
* Be the person always motivating, inspiring & uplifting people.
That’s leadership!!

The Six E’s:
* Envision
* Enlist
* Embody
* Empower
* Evaluate
* Encourage
It’s important to us; that there’s a purpose, a mission to it that we feel deeply within us, which is so powerful & we honour, respect & love those we work with.
Now people are standing up & they are helping us, come up with a vision.
* They are championing & cheering on, bringing in & enlisting other people.
* They are standing up for something.
* They’re living that value & truth.
* They are empowering other people & championing the cause.
* They are the eyes & ears, evaluating how the organization or mission is going.
* They are encouraging it, so it doesn’t just ride on your shoulders.
When we do that right, then we have this thing called "leadership".

Think about it.

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