This sure makes please read carefully..

This sure makes please read carefully..

During a training session on "Prevention of Sexual Harassment', the trainer asked, "What should you check for, when you sit in a hired cab?"
The answer to that, "The child lock".
The room fell silent for a few seconds, as no one had thought of that. The trainer went on to say, that in the last 4 years, all cases related to rape/ molestation in cabs/by cab drivers, had one thing in common. The victims were in cars that had a child lock on them. The trainer, who was himself a lawyer, had served on the advisory board for drafting the "Vishakha" guidelines & had also represented victims.
All the girls & ladies, what you are now going to read, is of extreme importance, so please read carefully....
The next time you enter a cab, first check if the child lock lever is on the side of the door or even better, please do not open the car door from the outside. Instead, ask the driver to open the door from inside & ONLY THEN, enter the cab...
Do mention this to your friends & colleagues. is better to be safe...than to be sorry.
Stay blessed, always....

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