Wedded to the Olive Greens....The Army Wife...

Wedded to the Olive Greens....The Army Wife...

"A girl walking down the civilian street,
A Fauji comes storming & sweeps her of her feet.
A new life, a new style, a new world altogether,
She was the happiest, because they were together!
His postings, his boys, his duties; she was holding them firmly,
After all she was married into the most elite family.
Days gone by, months become years,
She was standing tall, fighting all her fears.
Babina, Wellington, Mhow & places she never knew existed,
Those were the ones she often visited.
Parties, meets, outings, life was on the groove;
Give her a few boxes with the new address & she was ready to move.
Moving to new places, making new friends,
Hard times are those to leave behind, some loose ends.
It can be a shelter, a flat or a lavish place,
Whatever she gets, it becomes her address.
Always on the move, managing kids, families & bank accounts,
The little time she gets with her Fauji, is all that really counts.
He depends on her for everything he holds dear,
Because his duty always comes first & that's crystal clear.
When they are together, she forgets all those nights she cried,
Because watching him adorning his uniform, is her utmost pride.
She hugs him tight, when he goes out in the field,
Always praying to the Almighty, to become his shield.
Yes! Sometimes the Gods aren't that kind,
And she is the one, who is left behind.
But yet she smiles & waits for the love of her life,
That's some strong breed, called as the 'Army Wife'."



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