Why do we have brakes in a car?

Someone once asked, "Why do we have brakes in a car?"
Many answers were provided, like:
"To stop the car".
"To reduce speed".
"To avoid a collision", etc. etc....
The 'best', however, seemed to be:
"To allow you to drive faster".
Now, do give this a thought...
It is true, but seldom appreciated.
It is because we have 'brakes', that we can dare to accelerate; dare to go fast & reach the destinations we desire.
At varied points of time in our lives, we found our parents, teachers, mentors, friends, colleagues & even spouses, questioning our progress, direction or our decisions.

It is because of them, that we are, where we are today.
So let us learn to appreciate the 'brakes' in our lives.

Think about it...


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